Tuesday, June 14, 2011

School Festival BBQ Disco-ie Leavers celebration HELP (SERIOUS)?

Hi, well, let's cut the longest story ever into a shorter story xDD

OK, it is my school's Year 6 LEAVERS DISCO.
It's going to be festival themed with the school colours and things.
Well, only I know this (and my mother) because I was asked to be the
DJ! I'm 11 and my mum's a professional DJ and I would HATE for her to
do it and I just jumped to it and said OK. Now I'm regretting it
DREADFULLY. I REALLY don't want to do it but it's all set! My mum said
I CAN'T say no and turn back now. It's only been a blimmin' hour for
goodness sake! I really can't do this and my mum said I can't say no
or SHE'LL do it! I just said to her to say to the teachers that she
has a wedding to go to and all that shuzzle but she said NO. I'm the
most inconfident kid ever. I can't sing in front of people so I don't
know if my voice is good and I hate dancing (but I'm good at it
UNLUCKILY) and this will be 'UGH! Disaster! I can't do this!' and I'd
walk out of the room within a second. I CAN'T let my mum do it it's my
primary school LEAVERS DISCO and it would be SOOO eembarrassingand if
anyone told the kids at my new school I'd NEVER make friends (I'm
going to a private place for Secondary and everyone else is going to
somewhere public).

How can I get my mum to call the school and get someone else to do
it?? I'd be a total laughing stock if I did do it!!

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