Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BBC - Andrew Marrs Megacities: Living in the City (2011) HDTV x264 AC3-MVGroup

*BBC - Andrew Marrs Megacities: Living in the City (2011) HDTV x264
English | 00:57:47 | H264 | 1280x720 | 25.00fps 4194 Kbps | AC3 128
Kbps 48.0khz | 1.69GB
_Genre: Documentary_ In the first episode, Andrew looks at how people
live in five of the worlds biggest megacities: London, one of the
worlds oldest megacities; Dhaka, the worlds fastest-growing megacity;
Tokyo, the largest megacity on Earth; Mexico City, one of the most
dangerous cities in the world; and Shanghai, arguably the financial
capital of the world. Andrew compares the sleek skyscrapers and rapid
modernisation of Shanghai to the colourful street culture and
geographic sprawl of Mexico City. He spends a night living in a
one-room shack in Dhakas toughest slum, taking his turn to fetch
water, cook and clean; and he rents a friend in the efficient and
high-tech, but alienating, city of Tokyo. As he gets under the skin of
each unique metropolis, Andrew discovers how the structure of each
megacity defines every aspect of its inhabitants daily lives. And he
considers what the megacities of the future can learn from the
metropolises of today.

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