Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do You Think The Spoilers Leaking Is A cover Up On What Could Really Happening?

I think the leaks about GiGi dying, that Rex, GiGi and Shane be writen
off the canvas, and many other leaks are not but false leaks on what
is going to happened. Do you think there could be surprise return of
many characters who are not on the canvas right now to say goodbye
like bringing back Mitch Lawrence and actually really kill him off and
his heart will be given to Clint because of the same blood type? Cord
and Tina be back, and Cutter turns out to be Clint's grandson CJ.
Flash, and Kevin, cassie and Adrianna, Carlo Hesser and Alex. Rene and
Charlie, and gabrial and Max, and their dead son. Luna and Lindsey,
Fish and Oliver. Marcie and Michael. Antonio and Evangelien and
others. It would be nice that all the cast come back to say one last
goodbye before the show is off the air.

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