Thursday, June 30, 2011

why is there nothing to do tonight?

There is nothing to do, nothing on TV... My daughter is asleep and I'm
too awake to go to sleep... :/

Heroes Season 3 Episode 23 I Am Sylar Full Length

Heroes Season 3 Episode 23 I Am Sylar Full Length [2]
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and watch all episodes ep tvshow tv show trailer new finale 2010
preview part1 free streaming online From:
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Where can i download sherlock holmes movie?

release date 25 december 2009

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

where was the roulette dance floor Elvis used in Viva Las Vegas?

In Elvis' movie Viva Las Vegas, it shows him a few different times in
this club type scene, with a roulette dance floor? and a huge dance
number? it was the night of Rusty and Lucky's first date. It has been
killing me wondering where this was set?

hi im trying to find a release date?

of a film called Tarantula (2011) starring Danny Trejo, Billy Zane and
Tony Todd. says not yet released tried looking online for what month
it comes out but cant find it anywhere any help will be much
appreciated than you in advance

Someone help, what's the name of this song? And please don't tell me
to type the lyrics into google 'cause there are almost no lyrics in
the video, believe me I tried.

What do you think of the Nine of Cloe King show?

Befor, i would say it was ok. But after tonights episode, im in love!
Tonights episode was sooooo good!

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

soccor family movies?

that are available on INSTANT for netflix. mainly about/girl soccer.
Me and my father are having a father daughter night and he LOVES
soccer. Any PG or Mild PG-13 movies. Like bend it like beckham. I
don't want movies that have a old feel to them. PLEA

Please rate my rap lyrics?

I'm a grime/rap artist and I've been rapping for less than a year now.
I made some lyrics. Could you rate them please? By the way I'm 15 and
I know if you read my lyrics they sound kind of cocky but it's a
freestyle that's why :)

I am the alphabet murker, microphone murderer
New to the scene, I'm a pro, not a learner
Lyrical liner, coldest rhymer, big man lyrics, I'm a all day writer
Ok serious, take of that smurk
You dun know you're watching a master at work
New to the scene, spitting machine, yeah I'm lyrically buzurk
Letters of the alphabet, that's what I murk
I'm like molten lava that's about to burst
On this ting, man's repping grime
Spitting nothing but truth in my rhymes
Real till I die, the scene won't let me in
Dun know that man's a undisputed veteran
Fully motivated, got the adrenaline
Don't feel my flow, fam you're not levelling
Wait, let me get slower, fire lyrics from here to Samoa
I can get colder, trust me I'll smoke ya
It's the Pros, the young ghetto soldier
I spray bear bars from Croyden to Camden
On this ting, make way for the champion
Dun know that this whole tracks an anthem
Lyrical thoughts that pop out at random

You'll never see me up you're tele
My skin's kinda light but my bars are heavy
I've got skill and technique like Lionel Messi
Plus I'll defend like David Luis for Chelsea
Flow's too cold like a snow covered yeti
Bars are sharp like tips of machetes
Seriously man's a lyrical beast, no lie fam serious you get me
Trust me I can get dark like charcoal
I'm a goon but I don't play for Arsenal
I'm a king, grime be my castle
On this ting, got the crowd going bravo
I've got skills, name ain't Ronaldo
I'm a artist, call me Picasso
Dun know fam I fire lyrics from London all the way to Morocco
No lie, I'm on this ting
Murder the alphabet with the bars that I sling
You ain't even a prince, me I'm a king
You're straight up garbage, go in the bin
Lose once, I'll come back and win
Like Mohamed Ali done to Frazer in the ring
Lyrical hits and lyrical swings
Won't stop spitting till the bell goes ding ding
Bear haters wanna go hate man
Don't really care man, you man are just wastemans
Don't wanna rate the tracks I create fam
I spray bear bars like paint from a spray can
Don't know why they wanna debate with man
I aim to make dough like a bakery van
No lie, I just wanna succeed fam
Being successful, yeah that's the game plan
Haters get sucked up just like a dyson
I spit poision just like a python
If spitting was a test, I'd pass with flying colours then get a
Each bars been aligned with perfect alignment
This is a hobby, not work, nor an assignment
I'm underground, man is not commercial, that's why I keep it all
I'm up in the sky just like a pilot
Any weather, I'll spit no matter the climate
And lyrically fam, you're boat will get shipwrecked just like a
My mind's unique, call me a sidekick
My bars are lethal, call them flykicks
I'm a freedom fighter like the IRA, except I'm not Irish
I'm old school, deliver the classics
Bars are fanatic, track's are fantastic
No lie fam, I can stretch an instrumental just like elastic
You're fake like surgery that's plastic
I flood tracks like a boiler losing it's gasket
I step foot on the mic, turn into a magician, and work my magic
Bars, I deliver lyrical scoops
I smoke up the beat like when I bun zutes
You spit good bars, but can't answer when asked for the proof
I spit venomous fire, whether it's in the studio or up in the booth
Me and music's got the connection, mines wi-fi, yours is Bluetooth
I spit the truth, in the game I can't lose
I always get deep, call me plant roots
If you're my enemy call me Bin Laden, cos I'll have you lyrically
Yo, you best listen to this bro
I'm a lyrical skeng like Frisco
Step on a track, call me plimsolls
I spit facts and provide the info
Straight old school, I keep it simple
Flow's too deep, nothing like dimples
I wanna leave my mark just like pimples
Delivering major mixtapes and singles

Batman - The Brave and the Bold Season 2 Episode 26 The Malicious Mr. Mind! 2x26

Batman - The Brave and the Bold Season 2 Episode 26 The Malicious
Mr. Mind! 2x26 [2]
watch Batman - The Brave and the Bold online all the episodes for
free .Batman: The Brave and the Bold is an American cartoon series
based in part on the DC Comics "team-up" series The Brave and the
Bold trailer promo new season part 2 Season episodes tvshow se3 HQ
series watch online complete full length hd part 1 part1 From:
pattilynlavelle [3] Views:
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Is there something wrong with my dobro?

I got a Gibson Hound Dog Deluxe off of E-Bay. It sounds great as an
acoustic but there is something wrong with the pickup. At first no
sound came out of the amplifier - not even feedback.

Later it seemed as if the pickup was working but only when the guitar
was in horizontal, "slide" position. When I held it vertically in
"fretting" position no sound would come from the amplifier... I
rotated the guitar slowly back and forth like a circus clown to verify
this and then I concluded that there was a loose wire, so I removed
the tailpiece, and found this:

It isn't simply a loose wire - it's a wire that isn't attached to
anything. I finally had to disassemble the dobro and inside I found
that the piezo mechanism was bolted to the spider bridge, with one
black wire connecting to the tailpiece plug, andtThe yellow wire that
doesn't connect to anything also connecting to the tailpiece plug.

Every website that sells this model states that it comes with a
Fishman resonator pickup. I looked for an online schematic but none
of them made any sense. All of the schematics that I found show the
single black wire leading from the piezo mechanism to the tailpiece
plug but no additional wire that doesn't connect to anything.

I have also read documentation and message boards recommending a
Pre-Amp - however I have used sound-hole and piezo pickups with
acoustic guitars and other instruments that did not require a pre-amp.
Also why was there a sound initially when the guitar was in "slide"
position? It seems like this is only a recommendation to improve the
sound quality, and not a requirement.

I would definitely appreciate any help.

What are the long lyrics to down by the river.?

How do I know if I'm a good singer or not?

When I sing I think I sound good and have a nice voice, but I'm
worried that I might be tone death or something and actually sound

I keep recording myself on my phone but my voice sounds wonky and
weird I don't know if it is the phone (which was quite cheap) or my
voice.. because it doesn't sound like that when I sing..

Are there any ways of seeing if your good or not when you sing? I
don't wan't to post the voice thingy online because my voice sounds
wonky and it sounds like I'm singing out of my nose..

Traumprinz in Farbe - Trailer

Traumprinz in Farbe - Trailer [2]
Irgendwo da drau


what's the name of the song?

i have no i dea what the name is. in fact im not even sure about the
genre! i think it's dub step, but i recently discovered dub step
music. sad huh? anyways i heard it in a limo ride but i didn't bother
asking the name. i just remember at the beginning there's a girl
moaning and it fades off later in the song bt b4 it does completely
fade off it says "i wanna be your b**ch tonight" or "let me be your..
" something like that.
if you haven't listened to a dub step song yet, let : Mr. Postman dub
step be the first song you listen you (:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

i want a song for my situation?

OK is me..i got married after 6years of affair and now
things have changed.we are planning to get a divorce. from the next
month of our wedding i became jobless and problems started. everything
i did for her..even that job i quit for her.and now she started
blaming me for what i am and what i did.i am not sad because the pain
the hurt she gave was not that simple to bear.

i need a song.. i have a song for example..Things have changed from
Bob Dylan...any rock, metal that comes to your mind...

Nekromantik 2 (1991) Dvdrip

*Nekromantik 2 (1991) Dvdrip | 700 MB*
Language: German | Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
DVDRip | AVI | 104 min | 624x480 | XviD 840 Kbps | MP3 112 Kbps | 699
_Genre: Horror | Germany_

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Americas got talent questions?

Do you have to pay for the plane ticket to L.A yourself? Does it cost
to audition? How much does it cost if you are chosen into the next
round? I really need to know. Also when are the 2012 auditions taking
place in NY? Thanks please help!

The Last Samurai (2003) m576p HDDVD

*The Last Samurai (2003) m576p HDDVD*
Matroska | 1.962 GiB | 1024x432 | AVC @ 1 500 Kbps | English |
Japanese | AC3 @ 320 Kbps - 6 channels | 2h 34mn
_Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama_
*IMDB Info* [1] In the 1870s, Captain Nathan Algren, a cynical veteran
of the American Civil war who will work for anyone, is hired by
Americans who want lucrative contracts with the Emperor of Japan to
train the peasant conscripts for the first standing imperial army in
modern warfare using firearms. The imperial Omura cabinet s first
priority is to repress a rebellion of traditionalist Samurai
-hereditary warriors- who remain devoted to the sacred dynasty but
reject the Westernizing policy and even refuse firearms. Yet when his
ill-prepared superior force sets out too soon, their panic allows the
sword-wielding samurai to crush them. Badly wounded Algren s
courageous stand makes the samurai leader Katsumoto spare his life;
once nursed to health he learns to know and respect the old Japanese
way, and participates as advisor in Katsumoto s failed attempt to save
the Bushido tradition, but Omura gets repressive...


Living With Monkeys Tales From the Treetops

Adventurer Guy Grieve and primatologist Julie Anderson spend six weeks
in the Central African rainforest, trying to save one of the world's
rarest monkeys.

Their home is an amazing treehouse, high in the canopy, that allows
them unique access to the monkey's world and keeps them safe from
dangerous forest elephants.

Hey Indians:- Do you like this song?

Friday, June 24, 2011

whats your opinion on yelawolf?

on a scale of 1-10 how would u rank him?

BQ: is his debut good?

Can someone please explain me the ending of Taxi Driver?

No, Wikipedia is no help

I didn't get it, is he dreaming that he is the hero or what....?

What is the book Lucy and Ricky read in the episode "The Black Eye"?

It sure sounded like a good book, and I was just wondering if any one
knew what the book was called.

anyone know any good movies?

can you give me a list of teenagers getting their heart broken in high

and can you give me another list of movies about teenagers falsely
aaccusing other of rape?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i ordered a pair of beats by dr dre from beast buy online and i was wondering when it would get here?

i ordered them express

Miss USA (2011) HDTV XviD-2HD

Miss USA (2011) HDTV XviD-2HD

My Father the Hero (1994) 720p Blu-ray MPEG-4 AVC DTS 5.1

*My Father the Hero (1994) 720p Blu-ray MPEG-4 AVC DTS 5.1-CMEGroup*
MKV MPEG-4 AVC, 5432 kbps, 1280x688 | DTS, 2 ch, 1 510 kbps | 01:29:52
| 4.6 GB + 3%
Genre: *Comedy, Romance* She's desirous to appear as being a woman
without a lady, so as a way to impress an area boy, she accounts for a
growing number of ridiculous stories, starting with Andre being her
lover. Andre is desirous to make Nicole happy and therefore plays
along with her crazy games, along with the stories they generate up
get increasingly bizzare.

in the apprentice series 7 episode 8 the one where they go to paris there is a song 41:27 into the episode,?

would love to know what it is called and who it is by. =)
this the link

BBC - Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections 2of6 Formula 1 (2011) PDTV XviD-MVGroup

Language: English
00:48:58 | 720x416 | XviD - 1691Kbps | 25.000fps | MP3 - 128Kbps |
*Genre:* Documentary
Richard Hammond reveals the surprising engineering connections behind
the Formula 1 car. The stars of the most glamorous, and expensive
sport on earth wouldn't even cross the starting line without
inspiration drawn from a revolutionary 19th-century cannon, ancient
sailing boats, jet engine fan blades, body armour and a technique
practised by blacksmiths for thousands of years.

17 Again (2009) DVDRip AVI XviD AC3-EMBER

*17 Again 2009 DVDRip AVI XviD AC3-EMBER*
Language: English
AVI | XviD 1388kbps | 720 x 304 23.98fps | AC3 384kbps | 1h 41mins |
1.01 GB
*Genre:* Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
*IMDB info [1]* About a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he
wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it.
He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to
rewrite his life.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can anyone recommend a movie with extremely dark humor like "Happiness"?

BBC - Andrew Marrs Megacities: Living in the City (2011) HDTV x264 AC3-MVGroup

*BBC - Andrew Marrs Megacities: Living in the City (2011) HDTV x264
English | 00:57:47 | H264 | 1280x720 | 25.00fps 4194 Kbps | AC3 128
Kbps 48.0khz | 1.69GB
_Genre: Documentary_ In the first episode, Andrew looks at how people
live in five of the worlds biggest megacities: London, one of the
worlds oldest megacities; Dhaka, the worlds fastest-growing megacity;
Tokyo, the largest megacity on Earth; Mexico City, one of the most
dangerous cities in the world; and Shanghai, arguably the financial
capital of the world. Andrew compares the sleek skyscrapers and rapid
modernisation of Shanghai to the colourful street culture and
geographic sprawl of Mexico City. He spends a night living in a
one-room shack in Dhakas toughest slum, taking his turn to fetch
water, cook and clean; and he rents a friend in the efficient and
high-tech, but alienating, city of Tokyo. As he gets under the skin of
each unique metropolis, Andrew discovers how the structure of each
megacity defines every aspect of its inhabitants daily lives. And he
considers what the megacities of the future can learn from the
metropolises of today.

Hole In One 2010 DvdRip Xvid-TASTE

*Hole In One 2010 DvdRip Xvid-TASTE | 700 MB*

What artists produce music similar to Savlonic?

I like Savlonic's electronic beat on their Keyboard. I want to find
more artists that produce music with similar sounds, and what genre
that would be.

Examples of their music on Youtube:
Wandering Eye

Electro Gypsy

Iron Grip Marauders Video Game, Wheel Of Doom Trailer - HD

Iron Grip Marauders Video Game, Wheel Of Doom Trailer - HD [2]
GAMEZGEAR1 [3] Views:
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Gaming [4]


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Nine Lives of Chloe King S01E02 Redemption HDTV XviD-FQM

*The Nine Lives of Chloe King S01E02 Redemption HDTV XviD-FQM | Size
350 MB*
Genre: Drama

Release Date: 21 Jun 2011
Video Format: XviD
Video Resolution: 624x352
Video Bitrate: 958 kbps
Video Framerate: 23.976
Audio Format: MP3 VBR
Audio Bitrate: 157 kbps average
Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz

Chloe cannot get past the fact that she is responsible for Xavier's
death; after Chloe attends Xavier's funeral with her mother, her
curiosity is piqued when she sees his brother in a confrontational
conversation with some thugs outside the church

How is my band's first song?

Here's a link to my band page on facebook.

Using the BandPage app, you can scroll down and listen to our first
song we recorded recently.

We have inspiration from bands such as Killswitch Engage, Times of
Grace, Rise Against, and A Day To Remember. What do we sound like to
you? Also, if you like what you hear, please like our page! Thanks!
Most descriptive answer wins.

i need a great family movie?

i need a comdey famiyl movie appropriate im 13 i dont mind but my
sisters(5) r jst weird so i need a good comedy appropriate movie tht
will really be fun for the whole family

Johnny e June Trailer Legendado

Johnny e June Trailer Legendado [2]
capitaldaarte [3] Views:
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Film  Animation [4]


Rise of Nightmares Live Action Trailer [HD]

Rise of Nightmares Live Action Trailer [HD] [2]
Rise of Nightmares Live Action Trailer [HD] Developer: Sega Release:
9/2011 Genre: Action Platform: X360 Publisher: Sega Website: Rise of Nightmares heightens the horror experience like
never before, forcing you to use your whole body against your
enemies. Using cutting-edge technology, you will be trapped in a
nightmare-world of zombies, monsters and hellish scientists --- the
only way out is to fight. The nightmare will rise exclusively on
Kinect for Xbox 360 in September 2011 From:
RidphaMachinima [3] Views:
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Gaming [4]


Monday, June 20, 2011

House MD Season 5 Episode 2 Not Cancer s5e2 HQ Watch Full Online

House MD Season 5 Episode 2 Not Cancer s5e2 HQ Watch Full Online
[2] Watch ONLINE your favourite TV-series for FREE!!! The
series follows the life of anti-social, pain killer addict, witty and
arrogant medical doctor Gregory House with only half a muscle in his
right leg. He and his team of medical doctors try to cure very ill
ordinary people in the United States of America. All seasons are
available / Season 1 / Season 4 Episode 3 / Episode 6 / s1e1 part 2
tvshow HQ s3e4 / s4e1 / s4e5 / s4e9 / s4e10, f,House MD Season 5
Episode 2 Not Cancer s5e2 HQ tv show trailer, Omar Epps, Season 2,
Dr. Gregory House, Lisa Edelstein, Season 3, online tv, episodes,
watch tv, CBS, tv show, trailer, streaming online, watch tv online,
NBC, Dr. James Wilson, tvshow, Robert Sean Leonard From:
SargeDurrellm [3] Views:
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Nepali movie Mixed 2011- Trailer( Hollywood Style )

Nepali movie Mixed 2011- Trailer( Hollywood Style ) [2]
I mixed Nepali movies scene to make a trailer. first scene is form
the movie Batch No.16, plus running scene which comes in the middle
of the trailer,Ek din Ek rat, biraj scene is form the movie Chodi
Gaye Pap lagla Plus rajesh scene form Dasgaja and second last from
bato muni ko phul and lastly from batch number 16 From:
MegaPravakar [3] Views:
1 0

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Film  Animation [4]


Is the "Glee" season just ending?

I just started watching Glee and i was wondering if this years season
is just ending? Is the show over?

Eastbound and Down Season 2 Episode 5

Eastbound and Down Season 2 Episode 5 [2]
You can watch Eastbound and Down streaming all the episodes are
avaiable .Years after he turned his back on his hometown, a
burned-out major league ballplayer returns to teach phys ed at his
old middle school. trailer promo new season part1 Season episode tv
S3 HQ serie watch online complete full length hd part 2 part1 From:

johntramsak [3] Views:
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What is the name of best war movie?

Law and Order SVU Season 6 Episode 21 Blood

Law and Order SVU Season 6 Episode 21 Blood [2]
watch Law and Order SVU online all The episodes are avaiable .This
show introduces the Special Victims Unit, a new elite squad of NYPD
detectives who investigate sexually related crimes. trailer promo new
season part 1 Season episode tvshows se3 HQ series watch online
complete full length hd part 1 part1 From:
andrewmizisin [3] Views:
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How do i check the date on a silvio soprani accordion?

Hawaii Trailer

Hawaii Trailer [2]
MegaStupidMagic [3] Views:
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Conspirator - Trailer CINEMA\ TV Portugal

The Conspirator - Trailer CINEMA TV Portugal [2]


Trying to identify this song from maybe the late 80's - 90's?

I can only describe the music video and some aspects of the song, so
be tolerant. The song maybe has a chorus of repetative 'yeahs' in it.
It sounds a little bit like The Corrs. In the music video, there are
three or two young women in a car, driving through what looks like
route 66. The lighting in the video is vibrant because of the sunshine
seaming through the windows. The girls are also popping there heads
out of the windows.

Please help with this song because it is becoming quite an annoyance.
Maybe a little Texas they sound like, but their is a definite Corrs
esque among the song.

any vocal removers plz?

i want to start singing but i need a vocal remover if anyone can give
me an easy to use program that doesnt need to much processing or a
good soundcard (my laptop sucks) it would be great thanks!

need help with songs for a playlist?

i would like songs for the beach as for my friend and i are going away
for a month, can you please help?
we are around 16 and up
we would like all types from reggae, pop,rock to anything else that
fits for beach weather

Songs that remind you of being on a date in the middle of the night?

What are some songs that remind you of spending time with your
boy/girlfriend or being on a date with just the two of you in the
middle of the night? I think everything happens better at night, so
I'd like to find some songs that remind me of that.

So far on my list I have Matt Kearney (Nothing Left to Lose) and Snow
Patrol (Signal Fire). If you can think of songs similar to those or
something that reminds you of the scenery I talked about please share

P.S: If you've seen the scene in the first Transformers movie where
Shia and Megan Fox meet Optimus Prime for the first time or (spoiler
alert!) the ending of Super 8 that's what I'm talking about :)

What is the commercial with two women sitting in the waiting room talking about weird words like pajama?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Songs that would mix in well with 'Lady Gaga - Just Dance' instrumental?

It has a beat of four, I've seen Rihanna - Disturbia with it but i
want something different to experiment with.

School Festival BBQ Disco-ie Leavers celebration HELP (SERIOUS)?

Hi, well, let's cut the longest story ever into a shorter story xDD

OK, it is my school's Year 6 LEAVERS DISCO.
It's going to be festival themed with the school colours and things.
Well, only I know this (and my mother) because I was asked to be the
DJ! I'm 11 and my mum's a professional DJ and I would HATE for her to
do it and I just jumped to it and said OK. Now I'm regretting it
DREADFULLY. I REALLY don't want to do it but it's all set! My mum said
I CAN'T say no and turn back now. It's only been a blimmin' hour for
goodness sake! I really can't do this and my mum said I can't say no
or SHE'LL do it! I just said to her to say to the teachers that she
has a wedding to go to and all that shuzzle but she said NO. I'm the
most inconfident kid ever. I can't sing in front of people so I don't
know if my voice is good and I hate dancing (but I'm good at it
UNLUCKILY) and this will be 'UGH! Disaster! I can't do this!' and I'd
walk out of the room within a second. I CAN'T let my mum do it it's my
primary school LEAVERS DISCO and it would be SOOO eembarrassingand if
anyone told the kids at my new school I'd NEVER make friends (I'm
going to a private place for Secondary and everyone else is going to
somewhere public).

How can I get my mum to call the school and get someone else to do
it?? I'd be a total laughing stock if I did do it!!

Mothers & Sons Fear Factor?

There was an episode of fear factor where they did Mother  Son teams.
The second challenge was called Mother's kitchen. I was wondering if
there was a video of this full episode or a video of just this

Love song I heard? What is it?

Okay I heard this song once but I can barely remember it so here is my
best shot.
It's song by a boy
It's very soft and instrumental
Now the song depicts a dance that a couple are having. He says the
trumpets are playing and there whirling and twirling
Any idea what I'm talking about?

in which web site i can watch Dong yi by translating to english?

E3 2011 Nintendo Trailer rivelazione WiiU.wmv

E3 2011 Nintendo Trailer rivelazione WiiU.wmv [2]
Ecco a voi il trailer di annuncio alla E3 della WiiU,



What songs are you addicted to?

I'm addicted to these:

Trains - Porcupine Tree

Playground Love - Air

Into The Lake Of Ghosts - My Dying Bride

Endless Sacrifice - Dream Theater

BQ:Buy or Sell? The Beatles ISN'T OVERRATED.
Buy from me.
BQ2: Blind Guardian Yay or Nay?
I say yay.
BQ3:Buy or Sell? Dream Theater is a GREAT band.

Do You Think The Spoilers Leaking Is A cover Up On What Could Really Happening?

I think the leaks about GiGi dying, that Rex, GiGi and Shane be writen
off the canvas, and many other leaks are not but false leaks on what
is going to happened. Do you think there could be surprise return of
many characters who are not on the canvas right now to say goodbye
like bringing back Mitch Lawrence and actually really kill him off and
his heart will be given to Clint because of the same blood type? Cord
and Tina be back, and Cutter turns out to be Clint's grandson CJ.
Flash, and Kevin, cassie and Adrianna, Carlo Hesser and Alex. Rene and
Charlie, and gabrial and Max, and their dead son. Luna and Lindsey,
Fish and Oliver. Marcie and Michael. Antonio and Evangelien and
others. It would be nice that all the cast come back to say one last
goodbye before the show is off the air.

Monday, June 13, 2011

CoD: Modern Warfare - Ghost back in MW3 | Ghost "Death" Cutscene in MW2 | Ghost in MW3 Trailer

CoD: Modern Warfare - Ghost back in MW3 | Ghost "Death" Cutscene in
MW2 | Ghost in MW3 Trailer [2]
READ DESCRIPTION! Ok, so I'm going to guess, that Ghost WILL be back
in MW3. If you know the history of Ghost, you know that he's been
shot before and has lived. He was betrayed by America, since Sheperd
shot him. He was abandoned by the Brits Ghost was shot in the
stomach/chest area, which isn't a vital part if your a tough soldier
like him. You never "saw" Ghost get burned during the cutscene of his
death, and it also looks like the people that dumped the gasoline on
Roach and Ghost, mostly got Roach. Also, getting burned doesn't mean
you always die, it could mean you would have a scar and a mark on
your body and your badly injured. And if Ghost is coming back, it
would be a big and huge twist in the campaign which everyone likes.
Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) the community manager for Modern
Warfare, has said(2009) : "Ghost isn't exactly dead but you'll see�
what I mean soon" Note, he said it a really long time ago, after MW2
was released Makarov was talking about him during the MW3 trailer,
and he appears to be in the MW3 trailer (look at the end of the
video) And of all the names, his name is GHO From:
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Unloaded Trailer

Unloaded Trailer [2]
Unloaded Trailer By: Ziraa/ Ms Ziraa DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN MUSIC
OR CLIPS. Dw HD is one in clips. From:
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Red Nation by The Game original song... help please?

at the beginingg of this song, there is a techno part, what is the
name of that song, it is played a lot at sport events
heres a youtube video of the song

what is the song that plays on teen wolf when scott hears that they are not going to pass him the ball?

on the first actual game when he starts to turn into a wolf

Jon Favreau still involved with Iron Man 3

*Speaking at the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival before a
double-bill of _Iron Man_ films, Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau
talked a bit about Favreau’s involvement with the third film.*

Favreau directed the first two _Iron Man_ films, but stepped aside for
Shane Black to direct the third. Black directed _Kiss Kiss Bang Bang_
with Downey Jr.

In the discussion, Favreau hinted very strongly that he would return
as Tony Stark’s bodyguard Happy Hogan, saying: “I want a
love scene with Pepper Potts with my shirt on and I want to transform
into The Freak”

In the comics, Happy was mutated into a giant, savage, nearly
mindless, superhumanly strong humanoid known as Freak after an
experiment to cure an illness went awry.

Shane Black, writer of _Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout_ and _The
Long Kiss Goodnight_, consulted on the scripts for the previous _Iron
Man_ films, adding some much needed pep to the dialogue, and
suggesting edits.

Downey Jr. said: “Well Shane, interestingly enough, there was a
point when Jon and I were stuck on an idea. We were just in an
exploratory phase. So I said, ‘We should talk to

It seems that Favreau is willing to return the favour and help out
with anything Shane Black might need.

_Iron Man 3_ is pencilled in for May 3 2013.




What would be a good name for a tv show like this?

What would be a good name for a tv show like this?

It would be a reality show about a family with 13 kids. It would be a
lot like 19 kids and counting and kate plus 8. What would be a good,
clever name for it?