Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Please rate my rap lyrics?

I'm a grime/rap artist and I've been rapping for less than a year now.
I made some lyrics. Could you rate them please? By the way I'm 15 and
I know if you read my lyrics they sound kind of cocky but it's a
freestyle that's why :)

I am the alphabet murker, microphone murderer
New to the scene, I'm a pro, not a learner
Lyrical liner, coldest rhymer, big man lyrics, I'm a all day writer
Ok serious, take of that smurk
You dun know you're watching a master at work
New to the scene, spitting machine, yeah I'm lyrically buzurk
Letters of the alphabet, that's what I murk
I'm like molten lava that's about to burst
On this ting, man's repping grime
Spitting nothing but truth in my rhymes
Real till I die, the scene won't let me in
Dun know that man's a undisputed veteran
Fully motivated, got the adrenaline
Don't feel my flow, fam you're not levelling
Wait, let me get slower, fire lyrics from here to Samoa
I can get colder, trust me I'll smoke ya
It's the Pros, the young ghetto soldier
I spray bear bars from Croyden to Camden
On this ting, make way for the champion
Dun know that this whole tracks an anthem
Lyrical thoughts that pop out at random

You'll never see me up you're tele
My skin's kinda light but my bars are heavy
I've got skill and technique like Lionel Messi
Plus I'll defend like David Luis for Chelsea
Flow's too cold like a snow covered yeti
Bars are sharp like tips of machetes
Seriously man's a lyrical beast, no lie fam serious you get me
Trust me I can get dark like charcoal
I'm a goon but I don't play for Arsenal
I'm a king, grime be my castle
On this ting, got the crowd going bravo
I've got skills, name ain't Ronaldo
I'm a artist, call me Picasso
Dun know fam I fire lyrics from London all the way to Morocco
No lie, I'm on this ting
Murder the alphabet with the bars that I sling
You ain't even a prince, me I'm a king
You're straight up garbage, go in the bin
Lose once, I'll come back and win
Like Mohamed Ali done to Frazer in the ring
Lyrical hits and lyrical swings
Won't stop spitting till the bell goes ding ding
Bear haters wanna go hate man
Don't really care man, you man are just wastemans
Don't wanna rate the tracks I create fam
I spray bear bars like paint from a spray can
Don't know why they wanna debate with man
I aim to make dough like a bakery van
No lie, I just wanna succeed fam
Being successful, yeah that's the game plan
Haters get sucked up just like a dyson
I spit poision just like a python
If spitting was a test, I'd pass with flying colours then get a
Each bars been aligned with perfect alignment
This is a hobby, not work, nor an assignment
I'm underground, man is not commercial, that's why I keep it all
I'm up in the sky just like a pilot
Any weather, I'll spit no matter the climate
And lyrically fam, you're boat will get shipwrecked just like a
My mind's unique, call me a sidekick
My bars are lethal, call them flykicks
I'm a freedom fighter like the IRA, except I'm not Irish
I'm old school, deliver the classics
Bars are fanatic, track's are fantastic
No lie fam, I can stretch an instrumental just like elastic
You're fake like surgery that's plastic
I flood tracks like a boiler losing it's gasket
I step foot on the mic, turn into a magician, and work my magic
Bars, I deliver lyrical scoops
I smoke up the beat like when I bun zutes
You spit good bars, but can't answer when asked for the proof
I spit venomous fire, whether it's in the studio or up in the booth
Me and music's got the connection, mines wi-fi, yours is Bluetooth
I spit the truth, in the game I can't lose
I always get deep, call me plant roots
If you're my enemy call me Bin Laden, cos I'll have you lyrically
Yo, you best listen to this bro
I'm a lyrical skeng like Frisco
Step on a track, call me plimsolls
I spit facts and provide the info
Straight old school, I keep it simple
Flow's too deep, nothing like dimples
I wanna leave my mark just like pimples
Delivering major mixtapes and singles

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