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Die Verdammten der Kalahari

A little plane crashes within the sweltering deserts of Nigeria 100s of miles from civilization. As parallels are attracted between your number of humans along with a nearby pack of savage baboons, among the males's survivalist character will get the greater of him, because he decides his likelihood of survival could be better when the others were removed one-by-one.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Zoe Saldana Talks Colombiana & Possibility Of Babies?

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Zoe Saldana returns to the big screen this weekend in the butt-kicking revenge action thriller Colombiana, and the 33-year-old said she loves being to take on roles traditionally reserved for the boys. I feel very privileged that because of my athletic background that Im able to do roles that are physically demanding, Zoe told Kit Hoover and guest co-host Arsenio Hall on Fridays Access Hollywood Live about her new movie. It is an empowering when a woman can play a role that is predominately males that play it. It is a genre that is very geared towards males, she continued. And when a woman can do it and get away with it, and you dont compromise the violence that a film about revenge would entail, its just sexy and edgy and has all heart, so Im really proud of the movie. The actress, who announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Keith in June 2010, told Kit and Arsenio that theyve followed their own relationship path over the years. Hes been my little partner in crime since I was 21, so weve been together a very long time. Weve managed to do things our way, she explained. You have to follow your own pace. When Kit asked if children were in the couples future, Zoe said her family would love to see some little ones. They just want babies, Babies, please babies! she said, explaining that once she starts having children shes not sure how many theyll have. Are you kidding me, once we start, its like baking cupcakes, youll never stop. As for when she and Keith plan to expand their brood, the action star stayed mum on the details. I see myself healthy and happy, Zoe said with a smile. Im very Latin, Im very superstitious. Colombiana with Michael Vartan is now in theaters. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Jack Osbourne: We Paved The Way For The Kardashians

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Jack Osbournes teenage life as the son of heavy metal trailblazer Ozzy Osbourne was chronicled on the familys MTV reality show, The Osbournes, and while he admitted transitioning from boy to adult in front of millions of TV fans was difficult, the 25-year-old says his pain was the Kardashian familys gain. I remember at the time, I wasnt too pleased, Jack told Kit Hoover and guest co-host Arsenio Hall of his awkward portrayal on the show, during an interview on Wednesdays Access Hollywood Live. And then youre getting blasted all over MTV and youre just like, Ummm I dont like this! Think about it we paved for the way for Kardashian weddings, he added, before joking, Its my contribution to the planet. Following his four-year stint in front of the reality show cameras, Jack stepped behind the cameras to film his famous father for a new documentary, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, in an effort to show the show the world what the Prince of Darkness is really like. Jack spent three years following his dad for the 90-minute project, which he said captures his father a lot more sober and a lot more switched on than Ozzy was portrayed on their infamous reality series. [My dad] is very lucky to be here, and he barely has any friends from when he was a kid because everyone kind of finally fell to the disease [of addiction], Jack told Kit and Arsenio. So, its tough. Ozzy, Jack and Kelly Osbourne have all struggled with various forms of addiction in the past, and the disease recently hit far too close to home for the Osbourne family with the tragic death of Amy Winehouse Kellys close friend. [Kelly is] alright shes hanging in there, Jack told Kit and Arsenio, when asked how his sister is coping with Amys passing. I think shes just starting to come around. She was in a bit of a slump. Jack said watching his friends and fellow entertainers lose the battle has been heartbreaking. The longer I stay sober, the more friends I see disappear, he said. Its the nature of the beast. You play with fire, eventually youre going to get burned. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne broadcasts to theaters nationwide tonight and August 29 at 7:30 PM.Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Paul Rudd in 'Our Idiot Brother': Director Jesse Peretz Talks Casting

Paul Rudd is almost unrecognizable within the approaching Weinstein Company comedy, Our Idiot Brother, but director Jesse Peretz informs The Hollywood Reporter the role of Ned was customized for that actor.our editor recommendsSUNDANCE REVIEW: My Idiot BrotherSUNDANCE: The Weinstein Co. Consumes 'My Idiot Brother'Watch Paul Rudd in 'Our Idiot Brother' Trailer "Whenever we began focusing on the script, we actually were writing, we actually began off by saying, 'let's write something for Paul and hopefully he'll be psyched to get it done,AInch Peretz stated throughout a job interview with THR the 2009 summer time. "I understand from being buddies with him he was starting to seem like, 'I'm type of doing exactly the same factor again and again again.' So, I certainly was thinking 'let's make a move different.' However I also seem like this character provides extensive Paul in him. "Paul is isn't naturally the suit earthworm, straight laced guy using the boring job and also the wife that doesn't understand him. Despite the fact that that's a personality he plays some version of lots of occasions," he ongoing. "Used to do feel certain that this character was living in ways that Paul would really connect with and become psyched to experience. I understood he'd be also psyched to possess a large hairy beard." The film, initially entitled My Idiot Brother throughout its Sundance debut, finds Rudd like a well-intentioned hippie who suffers a regrettable run-along with what the law states and ends up couch surfing between his three siblings as well as an alcoholic mother. Peretz also looked back about the real-existence inspiration behind Ned, whom Rudd never formally met. "Used to do satisfy the brother of 1 of my great buddies who had been a medicinal marijuana player and that he had experienced trouble by in some way stretching the guidelines of the way you dispense marijuana. I believe was searching at some incarceration, but he could obvious matters up by joining this Franciscan Monastery in Concord," he described. "There's no real absurd story about his brother that's equal to a few of the things Ned does, but essentially he was like, the best guy I've ever met. Really type of funny in the insufficient cynicism and irony... I simply fell deeply in love with this dude." While Peretz and Rudd have lengthy attempted to operate together once more after 2001's The Chateau, the film also reunites Rudd together with his I Really Like You, Guy co-star, Rashida Johnson. Coincidentally, Johnson and Peretz also have maintained a friendship for several years and formerly labored together about the Foo Martial artists "Lengthy Route to Ruin" music video. Putting on extra-large glasses for that role, Johnson stars opposite Zoe Deschanel like a lesbian couple. "Considering Rashida was totally in comparison of the items I truly been on mind [for that character], that was just like a real butch chick with short hair, tats, a series wallet, whatever," Peretz remembered. "However when I began considering it, I had been like 'you understand what though, Rashida comes with, she really has tough energy.'" "I needed you to definitely believe there is some a little more male energy which Zoe could still play just like a really type of girly bisexual. I seem like Rashida really discovered that. She discovered that farthest edge she could of playing the type of butch chick," he ongoing. "We'd such fun building her wardrobe and her look. It had been her idea to put on individuals awesome glasses." Our Idiot Brother opens countrywide on August. 26 as well as stars Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks and Kathryn Hahn. Related Subjects Paul Rudd Rashida Johnson The Weinstein Company My Idiot Brother

'Hunger Games' At The VMAs: Our Favorite Quotes

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Hungry yet? In just four days, MTV will reward your appetite for all things "Hunger Games" by debuting the very first footage from the highly anticipated March 23, 2012 release! It all goes down at this year's Video Music Awards airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Star Jennifer Lawrence, who plays bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine Katniss Everdeen, will introduce the exclusive clip, which will be available online at following its on-air debut. As an appetizer to the main course, we're serving up a fresh batch of "Hunger Games" goodies throughout the week, starting today with a look back at some of our favorite "Hunger Games" quotes courtesy of stars Jennifer, Josh Hutcherson and more. Read the full story at Hollywood Crush!

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Christine O'Donnell Calls Piers Morgan a 'Cheeky Bugger' After Storming Off Show

The tale of how The Help was cast is almost as delicious as author Kathryn Stockett's characters. The story begins in Jackson, Miss., where Stockett and eventual Help director Tate Taylor, now 42, grew up together as children and later met eventual Help producer Brunson Green. They were in their mid-20s then, and Green helped Taylor get a job as a production assistant on the set of A Time to Kill, which was shot on location in Jackson. That's when Taylor became friends with Octavia Spencer, who had a bit part in the 1996 film, her first movie role.our editor recommendsHow 'The Help' Was Cast'The Help': Judge Tosses Lawsuit Claiming Character Stolen From Real-Life MaidThe Help: Film Review'The Help's' Retro, Southern Style (Photos)'The Help's' Jessica Chastain: 'Torture' Gaining 15 Pounds for Film'The Help' Director Tate Taylor Circling Period Drama 'Peace Like a River' (Exclusive)Related Topics•The Help PHOTOS: How 'The Help' Was Cast Not long after, Taylor and Spencer migrated to Los Angeles, hoping to get into the film business in a real way. Taylor spent his first two months crashing with Green, who'd already made the trek west. The trio ended up making a short film, Chicken Party, and that's when Allison Janney, who acted in the short, became a member of their posse. In 2006, the four teamed on the indie film Pretty Ugly People, which Taylor shot at about the same time Stockett was finishing the manuscript for Help. "Kathryn came to Montana to visit the set, and I think what she was really doing was spying to see if Tate could direct," recalls Green. Stockett gave Taylor and Green her manuscript, which had been sold but not yet published, and they quickly optioned film rights. As the book became a surprise best-seller, DreamWorks, Participant Media and 1492 Pictures signed to make the movie, which Disney is distributing worldwide. PHOTOS: 'The Help's' Retro Southern Style Most movies take 10 to 12 weeks to cast. Help -- one of the largest female ensemble pics of all time, with a rare range of actresses both older and of color -- took a year. Leslee Feldman, head of casting at DreamWorks, worked closely with veteran casting agents Kerry Barden (he's from Atlanta) and Paul Schnee of Barden/Schnee as well as with Green and Taylor. Because of the book's popularity, the blogosphere lit up with possible candidates for the film -- Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Hudson, Rachel McAdams, Oprah -- but DreamWorks and the filmmakers didn't want big movie stars. "It would have been jarring since there's no clear-cut lead," says Feldman. Barden and Schnee add, "It's complex because you are fitting so many pieces together." The strategy is paying off, with the film opening to nearly $36 million and earning early awards attention. PHOTOS: 15 Movies That Made The Grade: A+ CinemaScore Posse It was practically a given that Spencer would play Minny Jackson because she provided Stockett with inspiration for the character in the first place. Janney signed early as well, followed by Emma Stone and Viola Davis. Spencer served as a muse throughout the casting process. At one point, she kept pushing a young actress that no one knew named Ahna O'Reilly. "When Ahna came in, Tate was ecstatic because she had a drawl. 'Finally, we have a real Southerner,' " Green recalls Taylor saying. But O'Reilly had been coached by Spencer and wasn't Southern at all -- she's actually from Northern California. Men are almost props in the movie. An exception is Leslie Jordan, who plays married newspaper editor Mr. Blackly. Taylor and Green didn't want the character to be a stereotypical hard-charging editor, but rather fey, in a cultural nod to the married Southern gay men they knew growing up. "I remember these men," says Green with a wink and a nod, "and how I didn't think they were the type to have wives." Looking For A Little Help Overseas The Help couldn't have hoped for a better start at the U.S. box office, but will the film travel? The movie -- about white women and their black maids in the Jim Crow South of the early 1960s -- faces a distinct marketing challenge overseas, where audiences aren't always interested in topics specific to American culture. While many films are doing significantly more business overseas than domestically, 2009's The Blind Side, with its focus on football, topped out at $53.2 million internationally, compared with a domestic gross of $255.9 million (and unlike Help, it had an international star, Sandra Bullock). DreamWorks and Disney, which is distributing Help worldwide, are gambling that a slow rollout, building on the film's U.S. box-office success and early awards buzz, will pay off as opposed to a more conventional day-and-date global release. They begin their international campaign Sept. 2, when Help opens the Deauville American Film Festival in France -- a stopover designed to generate international headlines and woo the foreign press. Next, they will host a slew of word-of-mouth screenings in various countries including Australia, where Help opens in late September. Why is DreamWorks so sure of this strategy? It's counting on fans of the book, which is sold the world over and has been translated into more than 40 languages. Related Topics Viola Davis Emma Stone The Help Kathryn Stockett

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Antena 3 serves 'Time' for Spain

MADRID -- Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 has acquired free-to-air TV rights to upcoming ABC fantasy drama "Once Upon a Time." Created by "Lost" exec producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, "Time," a modern-day take on fairytales, bows Oct. 23 Stateside. High-profile series reinforces A3's bet on family-oriented content. The Spanish web has also picked up AMC Western "Hell on Wheels" and drama "Torchwood: Miracle Day." With "Day," a co-production by BBC Worldwide with cabler Starz, A3 continues its recent run in new Brit TV fiction after picking up early this year BBCW series "Sherlock" and "Upstairs Downstairs," and scoring high ratings with ITV's "Downton Abbey" (14.8% share; 2.9 million viewers). Controlled by DeAPlaneta, conglom Antena 3 group encompasses core channel A3 and three more nationwide TV services: Neox, Nova and Nitro. Last month, A3 channels jointly nabbed a 16.5% aud share, the third best ranking in the Spanish free-to-air TV market, behind the Mediaset Espana group (28.7%) and pubcaster RTVE (22.2%). Core channel Antena 3's highlights in July included family-friendly gamers "Ahora caigo," the Spanish adaptation of NBC gameshow "Still Standing," and "Atrapa un millon," a local version of Endemol global hit quiz show "The Million Pound Drop." Contact the Variety newsroom at

Roush Review: BBC America's The Hour

Dominic West In Mad Males withdrawal this summer time? Missing individuals nattily outfitted males and ladies of the bygone modernist age, smoking and consuming their way through glamorous-seeming media jobs as dark clouds loom within their personal and professional lives? Fret not. BBC America originates to save the day, having a luxurious six-hour diversion occur the politically billed mid-nineteen fifties, entitled The Hour - and couple of hrs this summer time happen to be so stimulating and absorbing. The issue here, usual for a lot British TV, can there be just aren't an adequate amount of these hrs - though each one of these counts. By the finish from the twisty sixth hour, you will be satisfied, if still craving more. Want more Matt Roush? Sign up for TV Guide Magazine now! Like Mad Males, this really is sleek, sexy, wise, densely written and deliberately paced porn. The Hour provides a sluggish but sexy burn, weaving Hitchcockian tension including deadly worldwide espionage right into a fascinating behind-the-moments take a look at a pioneering live TV news program (think a primitive an hour), occur the BBC's own galleries. The cast is brilliant, developing a loose triangular which more than a couple of have previously compared a great version of Broadcast News. Hector (performed through the Wire's Dominic West) may be the clever, handsome, well-heeled anchor, his charisma barely hiding his ambition. He starts a reckless flirtation using the show's youthful female producer Bel (Romola Garai, an unconventional knockout), jeopardizing both their careers. The 3rd wheel may be the Hour's rumpled hero: the brash upstart journalist Freddie (Ben Whishaw, wiry and restless and completely disarming), who rebels from the fluff of then-prevalent newsreel journalism, rails against censorship and authority, and much more selfishly, resents being refused Hector's spotlight. Freddie includes a knack to get under Hector's skin - partially due to his best-friendship with Bel and mostly because Hector sees within the unpolished Freddie the building of a much better and much more courageous journalist than he'll be. "How are you aware precisely the right question to request?" Hector miracles. "Because I am not scared from the solutions," quips Freddie. Ah, if Freddie only understood where a number of individuals solutions might lead. Inside a running joke, Freddie fancies themself the "James" to Bel's "Moneypenny" - a Mission Impossible-ian reference that unintentionally strikes near to home, when Freddie finds themself going rogue to pursue a sinister conspiracy that ensnares a dear childhood friend. (In early stages in Freddie's mission, a crossword supplies a pivotal clue, evoking reminiscences of last summer's short-resided Rubicon. This a person's a lot more fun.) Contributing to the intrigue: gossips of the mole within the place of work, and also the ominous presence of the smarmy government watchdog who haunts the BBC offices, trying to maintain a good rein about the Hour's newspaper activism currently of war. Set against a backdrop of political turmoil - the Suez Canal crisis in Egypt, the Soviet invasion of Budapest - The Hour works as both mystery and dark comedy of manners because the dramatic and romantic tensions escalate. It's completely addictive, a enticing mixture of cloak and dagger, due dates and deceptions. They are hrs perfectly spent. Sign up for TV Guide Magazine now!

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Universal, Illumination, And Escape Artists To Film Harlem Teen Gospel Story

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures and Illuminaton Entertainment have acquired the privileges package to create a film in line with the an hour segment Gospel for Teens. Illumination Entertainment's Chris Meledandri makes the project his company's first live action family film deal, and that he will produce with Escape Artists' Todd Black. The script is going to be compiled by Stephen Belber, who's presently adapting it Why Must Whitened Men Have the enjoyment, like a potential starring vehicle for Jamie Foxx. Belber most lately offered The Long Term to The new sony and Overbrook Entertainment, and that he authored and directed the Jennifer Aniston-Steve Zahn-starrer Management. The privileges package was brokered by ICM. What they have bought? 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl spent annually trailing Vy Higginsen, a proficient gospel singer who began a course for teens in Harlem using the aim of protecting the talent by presenting it to some youthful generation. Her rule: her charges were likely to leave their problems in the door and target the music. She learned that her most gifted kids were not able to split up themselves using their problems in your own home. Most of them were damaged by indifferent or absent parents, and tragedies that damaged them making them feel useless. Once Higginson assisted her students reveal and cope with their problems, they jumped. Illumination's Ashley Kramer, following Meledandri's mandate to locate music-driven qualities, introduced in that one. Escape Artists' Black, who found The Quest for Happyness after watching a 20/20 segment about the film's protagonist Chris Gardner, got exactly the same vibe from Gospel For Teens. His partners, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch is going to be professional producers together with Michael Radutzky. Higginsen is a co-producer. I have attached the an hour segment, which seems in 2 parts. It comes down to 30 minutes lengthy and you will find a few Lipitor advertisements, but when you have time, it's pretty touching stuff:

Sights & Sounds: First Look at Daniel Radcliffe in 'The Woman in Black,' posters for 'Drive,' 'Safe' ... and a Music Video

Hey kids, it's time to go multimedia. Yeah, it's the beginning of the week and our local movie publicists are inundating us with posters, photographs and videos for some of the upcoming films they're flacking for. So in the interest of serving the greater commonweal, here's the first still from the supernatural thriller 'The Woman in Black,' starring Daniel Radcliffe; the latest poster from FilmDistrict's 'Drive' a music video for 'Fright Night,' and the new poster for 'Safe,' starring Jason Statham. In the CBS Films thriller 'The Woman in Black,' Radcliffe plays a young lawyer who travels to a remote village where he discovers that the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. The film, which opens Feb. 3, 2012, also stars Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer and Shaun Dooley. Next up is the new poster for 'Drive' a thriller that got some good buzz rolling at this year's Festival de Cannes ... and has been rolling strongly ever since. The short synopsis for the film -- which stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks, Oscar Isaac and Ron Perlman -- A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong. 'Drive' opens Sept. 16. The official 'No One Believes Me' Kid Cudi music video was released today for the Disney remake of 'Fright Night,' which stars Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Toni Collette, David Tennant and Imogen Poots. It's an evil affair. Check it out before th film opens this weekend. And, lastly, Lionsgate via IGN has just debuted the new poster for 'Safe', starring Jason Statham. In the thriller from writer-director Boaz Yakin, Statham portrays a former elite operative who must protect an adolescent girl (Catherine Chan) from the bad guys. The cast also includes Chris Sarandon, Robert John Burke, Reggie Lee, Danny Hoch and James Hong, and opens Oct. 28.

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Russell Crowe joins 'Broken' cop drama

CroweRussell Crowe has come on board indie cop drama "Broken" opposite Mark Wahlberg with Allen Hughes directing.Production's set to start in November. Crowe's deal closed Monday. He's on board one board to play the mayor who hires a detective to investigate whether his wife is cheating, leading to a murder of her partner and the uncovering a real estate scandal. Brian Tucker penned the script, which was on the- 2008 Black List script "City" is financed by Emmett/Furla Films at a $60 million budget. Producers are Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Randall Emmett, George Furla and Allen Hughes Emmett/Furla Films just financed with Wild Bunch's "Lay The Favorite" and is in production on "Fire With Fire." It's financing and producing with Amber Entertainment thriller "The Frozen Ground," centered on the investigation of notorious serial killer Robert Hansen, with John Cusack and Nicolas Cage attached. It's also shooting "End of Watch" with Jake Gyllahaal and co- fincanced with Exclusive," and "Alex Cross," co-financed with QED. Crowe has been tapped for the part of Superman's father in "Man of Steel." He's repped by WME. Contact Dave McNary at

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'Smurfs' spawn relief from vfx blues

'The Smurfs'"The Smurfs" may appear as an easy assignment because of its visual effects team in comparison with, say, "Transformers 3." The small creatures are very cartoony, and appearance to don't have the complexity of shape-shifting robots. But visual effects challenges, and also the innovative solutions they spawn, appear in unpredicted places. Within the situation of "The Smurfs," the vfx artsts at The new sony Imageworks needed to create a lighting pipeline that does not only assisted provide the Smurfs in the perfect shade of blue, but will improve -- and accelerate -- the vfx focus on a minimum of two 2012 Imageworks tentpoles: "Males in Black III" and "The Astonishing Spider-Guy." Confronted with the process of creating the Smurfs appear as if these were living creatures in the real life but never allowing them to lose their Smurf-like characteristics, the film's vfx crew found innovative uses of equipment, particularly a Spheron HDRI camera along with a Trimble laser scanner. Both were combined in a different way to capture lighting and depth info on the live-action set, which information was adopted later through the digital artists who needed to place the Smurfs in to the scene. The apparatus taken a lot details about the live-action lighting that there is little from the usual uncertainty when vfx artists had match it. Digital effects supervisor Daniel Kramer states with this particular approach, the lighting department could light a scene virtually simultaneously the animation department was focusing on the figures, rather than needing to wait -- impatiently -- for animation to show the shot to them. This lighting pipeline, that was also utilized on "Eco-friendly Lantern," stands to accelerate Imageworks' output. States vfx supervisor Wealthy Hoover: "The greater you should use tools such as these to collect this type of lighting information, the greater time you need to explore methods to really obtain the performance from the character you demand for movie to operate the very best it may.Inch The Smurfs themselves needed to be handled cautiously, his or her brilliant blue skin does not fit into realistic conditions. "One thing that signifies that Smurfs are small may be the translucency of the skin," Kramer states. "So there's likely to be one underneath their skin, much like we now have the colour in our bloodstream mixing with this complexion.Inch Also it works out that Smurfs have red-colored bloodstream. "Without that red-colored undertone, the Smurfs did not integrate in to the moments whatsoever we allow the lighting round the Smurfs influence their complexion in the same manner it might influence anyone's complexion inside a scene," Kramer states. Contact the range newsroom at

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Kanye Makes Surprise Appearance on Britney Warrior spears, Nicki Minaj Tour (Video)

Fans of Nicki Minaj and Britney Warrior spears were set for an unexpected in the Femme Fatale tour visit The Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, on Tuesday evening.our editor recommendsJay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne: 5 Items to Know The stadium had been packed when Minaj required happens inside a silver dress together with her signature pink hair. Following a couple of tunes, the outlet on her song "Monster" started and onto happens walked Kanye. The screaming arrived at sonic levels as West and Minaj carried out their hit song together. "Have noise for that incredible Kanye!Inch introduced Minaj following the song was over. West smiled for that crowd, and left happens. With this surprise visit, West needs to take some time from his press schedule with Jay-Z for that approaching discharge of Watch the Throne, which hits stores August. 12. Their own tour, with Jay-Z, may have 17 dates will start on March. 29. The Femme Fatale tour continues with 12 more stops within the U.S. throughout August. The show will mind to Europe at the end of September. Related Subjects Britney Warrior spears Kanye Nicki Minaj

Content nabs foreign rights to 'Palin' doc

Content has acquired international rights to Nick Broomfield's documentary "Sarah Palin: You Betcha!" except for Channel 4's UK TV rights.Cassian Elwes is repping the U.S. rights for the project, which hasn't yet been set with a distributor.Content made the announcement Wednesday, the same day it was announced that the doc will have its world premiere screening at the Toronto Film Festival next month in the Reel to Reel Section."Sarah Palin: You Betcha!" is described as a a journey across the icy mid-winter snows of Alaska to meet Palin's school friends, family and Republican colleagues in order to try and discover the real Sarah Palin.Broomfield's credits include "Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer," "Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam" and "Kurt & Courtney." He was awarded the BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Documentary.Broomfield directed "Sarah Palin: You Betcha!" with Joan Churchill. The film is produced Marc Hoeferlin ("Battle for Haditha").Another Palin documentary, "The Undefeated," was rolled out last month in limited released by ARC Enertainment. It will be available starting Sept. 1 on pay-per-view and video on demand, as well as a DVD launch with a special edition for Walmart stores.In its opening weekend July 15-17 in 10 cities, the film averaged about $6,500 per screen.Content also said Wednesday it will be selling "Hick," starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Blake Lively, at Toronto. That title will premiere at the festival in Special Presentation. Contact Dave McNary at

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bachelorette Finale: Who Did Ashley Choose?

Ashley Hebert Spoiler Alert: The following reveals the outcome of The Bachelorette finale. After traveling the world and narrowing down a pool of 25 men, Ashley has chosen the person she wants to marry. The 26-year-old dental student says she's excited to get engaged and thinks Fiji is the perfect place to write the last chapter of her love story, but before she can close that book, she has quite the emotional and rocky family meeting. J.P. meets Ashley's family first, but unfortunately her sister Chrystie is skeptical of their relationship. "I don't think he's the one," she bluntly tells Ashley, who's visibly upset by the strong opinion. Ben's meeting with Ashley's family fares much better as Chrystie believes the two are a better-suited (and goofy) match. Ashley has her final dates with each of the men, who both tell her they're in love with her. Ashley may love both, but is only in love with one of them and is ready for the final rose ceremony where she can finally verbalize the sentiment. Ben arrives to meet Ashley and says a few words before getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him. She's quiet, pulls him up, and then says, "I'm sorry," before he walks away. Ashley's upset about breaking Ben's heart, but her tears disappear at the sight of J.P. "All the time we've spent together has been the happiest time in my life. I am madly in love with you," he tells her. Ashley finally tells him how she truly feels and says, "I wanted to tell you how much I loved you for so long now. I don't want to be with anyone else but you forever." J.P. gets down on one knee, proposes, and she says yes. (And by the way, users accurately predicted Ashley's choice with 62 percent of voters naming J.P. as their pick.) Are you happy with the final outcome?