Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Universal, Illumination, And Escape Artists To Film Harlem Teen Gospel Story

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures and Illuminaton Entertainment have acquired the privileges package to create a film in line with the an hour segment Gospel for Teens. Illumination Entertainment's Chris Meledandri makes the project his company's first live action family film deal, and that he will produce with Escape Artists' Todd Black. The script is going to be compiled by Stephen Belber, who's presently adapting it Why Must Whitened Men Have the enjoyment, like a potential starring vehicle for Jamie Foxx. Belber most lately offered The Long Term to The new sony and Overbrook Entertainment, and that he authored and directed the Jennifer Aniston-Steve Zahn-starrer Management. The privileges package was brokered by ICM. What they have bought? 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl spent annually trailing Vy Higginsen, a proficient gospel singer who began a course for teens in Harlem using the aim of protecting the talent by presenting it to some youthful generation. Her rule: her charges were likely to leave their problems in the door and target the music. She learned that her most gifted kids were not able to split up themselves using their problems in your own home. Most of them were damaged by indifferent or absent parents, and tragedies that damaged them making them feel useless. Once Higginson assisted her students reveal and cope with their problems, they jumped. Illumination's Ashley Kramer, following Meledandri's mandate to locate music-driven qualities, introduced in that one. Escape Artists' Black, who found The Quest for Happyness after watching a 20/20 segment about the film's protagonist Chris Gardner, got exactly the same vibe from Gospel For Teens. His partners, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch is going to be professional producers together with Michael Radutzky. Higginsen is a co-producer. I have attached the an hour segment, which seems in 2 parts. It comes down to 30 minutes lengthy and you will find a few Lipitor advertisements, but when you have time, it's pretty touching stuff:

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