Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alter ego of the Moving Stone

Bill Wyman exhibits his "Second Character." LONDON -- If Bill Wyman, the Moving Stones' bass player for 3 decades, had not been a rock star he will be a digital photographer.Wyman, who's almost 75, was much in evidence Thursday in the opening from the first London exhibition of his photography. Titled "Second Character" and held in the Rove Gallery, the "button snaps," as Wyman calls them, document the Stones' existence on the highway, in testing as well as in performance.You will find photographs of other stars, too. There's a powerful John Lennon, a dreamy Jerry Hall as well as an especially soulful portrait from the great bluesman John Lee Hooker."Which was drawn in just a little club in Saffron Walden, Kent, in March 1969," recalls Wyman. "I had been waiting in the wings and anxiously waited for the best moment to find the light. It's John Lee being themself, humble but happy with what he was doing." Contact the range newsroom at news@variety.com

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