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Megan Fox on Shia LaBeouf, Her Public Image and Beginning Over And Done With 'Friends With Kids'

"I really like Shia to dying," stated Megan Fox to Moviefone in Toronto over the past weekend. "I really like him without any reason." Individuals don't seem such as the words of somebody who has been "hit hard," as Fox stated, through the principal gamers connected with 'Transformers: Dark from the Moon' -- the summer time blockbuster that very notoriously did not feature the first kind franchise co-star. While Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay stacked on throughout the press models for 'Transformers,' Fox continued to be quiet. That's going to change. In ways, Megan Fox is attempting to begin again, and her role within the new indie ensemble comedy 'Friends With Kids' -- which opened in the Toronto Worldwide Film Festival -- is definitely an interesting choice. Fox is comfortable with her image like a pin-up girl -- she describes her very own public image as "a robot" -- and it is media savvy enough to understand that that image has not been a hindrance. Moviefone spoke to some candid and engaging Fox in Toronto about 'Friends With Kids' (she plays Mary Jane, Adam Scott's more youthful girlfriend within the new comedy), her public image, the beating she's drawn in the press, and why she did not defend herself. And, yes, she revealed if she's seen 'Transformers: Dark from the Moon.' Moviefone: I literally just left of 'Friends With Kids.' I've not had whenever to create questions and that i can't even read my notes. Megan Fox: They are really sloppy. You've very sloppy handwriting. That's suggestive of something. Like, what's this word? "Pun"? An amount that even mean? Why would I write lower "pun"? I am unsure. Anyway ... we'll observe how it goes. That's just like a psychological emphasis of whenever you publish just random words -- free write. Then you definitely see clearly and you are like, "Wow, what's wrong beside me?Inch I loved your movie. Thanks. Guess what happens I loved about this? Your character isn't a jerk. That's true. She's not really a jerk. I am talking about, she's not super-sweet, either, but she's not really a jerk or perhaps an assh*le. That wouldn't match Adam's character. They simply wouldn't seem sensible. Was that essential for you? I am talking about, I never once thought, Why would he be together with her? She's mean. Yes, which was the concept. We did not want Mary Jane to become mean. I have never really performed an average character -- well, besides Jennifer in 'Jennifer's Body,' who hates males. But, yeah, clearly Adam is really fun to look at and he's so pleasant, you wouldn't like to determine Adam with somebody that is mean to him for any second. You'd hate that individual because he's so wonderful. Therefore it is just more that they was there at two different points within their existence. Searching at the career, Personally i think this can be a excellent role for you personally. Allow me to preface that by stating that I've no clue what I am speaking about. Individuals have stated that before. I recieve what you are saying -- I believe I recieve what you are saying. This role appears to ... Makes me appear human? I wouldn't place it this way. But following the kerfuffles of history, you're playing an ordinary part of this included in an ensemble. Does which make sense? Yes. Was that the plan? I usually wish to take part in ensembles. Besides it feeling safer, I believe it is a more enjoyable atmosphere to operate in. To possess a couple of people working together on something, it requires pressure from every individual. Apart from Jen, clearly who authored and directed and it is starring inside it. She needed to carry the responsibility on her behalf shoulders. However I think these films have switched to function as the most enjoyable to operate on ... for me personally. It's interesting that you simply stated "feel more human." Explain that. This is the reviews I required from my group of friends. That's the way they phrase it. I simply think the concept is the fact that because the majority of the method in which individuals have seen me, it is the glorified pin-up girl with motorcycle boots who's also fighting in order to save the planet. It isn't always somebody that you interact with because they are a fantasy people always who exist like this -- the glossy lips in the center of the desert. In 'Jennifer's Body' I had been this crazy -- it's this excellent Diablo Cody script, but it is so kooky and thus strange and that i was eating people. It is simply an extremely strange movie. You do not always begin to see the human side of whomever is playing that individual. And That I imagine the media, generally, I simply don't really get described as somebody who has feelings or who's supportive. Or I kind of am described because this -- Personally i think -- just like a self-absorbed ice full. Maybe. And i believe those who see me inside a role that enables me to become more human -- I'm not sure another word to make use of to explain it -- is the reason why individuals are saying it is a good proceed to did. It is also interesting that you simply stated that you simply think individuals don't think you've feelings. But that whole image, is the fact that a help or perhaps a hindrance for you personally? It's both, sometimes. I am talking about, sometimes I seem like it is a help since pretend that you simply have this shield who are around you whatsoever occasions. Typically I am really strong with just how much bullsh*t I'd stacked upon me for such a long time. But, you realize, I worry about people. I worry about my existence and that i love people. I am not this robot. Personally i think people think I am similar to a robot -- as an android. Which I am about me and my ideas are only for me. That I wish to be famous. I understand one factor I have heard a great deal is, "Does she say things that she states because she would like attention? It's attention-seeking." However I always felt like, in the event that were the situation, wouldn't I display some kind of attention-seeking behavior, which I have never done. I have always attempted to reside a very normal, private, quiet existence. And So I imagine I have always really permitted room for that media to kind of chop my words and set their very own narrative onto it and make this salacious seem bite that goes everywhere. And due to which i seem like people simply have no clue what I am like or who I'm. I seem like it is a mystery. That is OK. Is the fact that a real bad factor? Maybe it's a positive thing. But clearly you will find occasions whenever you have a problem with it because being misinterpreted 90 % of times is tough because you need to clarify. However, you cope with it. Using the recent Shia Labeouf interview and also the 'Transformers' situation, why did not you clarify or defend yourself? I did not wish to discuss it while they are about the press tour because I did not would like to try to throw dirt their way. I did not want that movie to suffer. Especially because I really like Shia. I needed that movie to complete well for him. I did not wish to have this large media war over something which actually was so silly also it would are just my ego requiring to take part in a war, at that time. Obviously, you will see a period when I wish to tell my side from the story. I simply don't feel it had been appropriate when they were marketing the film. Are you currently stating that would be a no-win situation? Right. Like, "She's attempting to take from the movie." Therefore it was better to allow them to say the things they would say. It's fine. With everything else that happened using the 'Transformers 3' situation along with you ... Using what you read within the press. Well, yes. And That I get the reason why you would not be happy, but simultaneously I'd type of need to know the way the story, the film itself, finishes. Have you see 'Transformers: Dark from the Moon'? I've not seen it yet, however i might find it. I am talking about, when they had not been striking me so difficult about the press tour, I'd have attended the theater. However I felt like this will be a disaster: Me sitting having a packed theater of individuals watching the film. And So I did not go. I am talking about, I've nothing against watching it. And That I love Shia to dying I really like him without any reason. And That I love that crew. I am really near to the hair, makeup and wardrobe that made that movie. I wish to view it on their behalf. Yes, it looked amazing within the trailer. In the three trailers, which was a clip which i was like, "Wow, sh*t, this can be a huge movie." So It is going to be a fascinating, fun factor to look at, I simply haven't become around into it yet. I am visualizing your blog head lines, "Megan Fox Watches 'Transformers'!" I could not get it done. Then that will become not only me attempting to begin to see the movie, that could have been like, "She's attempting to take attention in the movie when you are in the theater when it is launched." It is a lose-lose. So I'll just watch it on Netflix home. You raised a good thing earlier concerning the fact that, apart from your interviews, you've remained from the spotlight. How come you believe it's sensationalized? So why do they sensationalize my comments? No, so why do they sensationalize your existence? [Sighs] This is a question I sit and that i ponder frequently. And journalists sit beside me and I am always such as this with whoever I speak with. That's kind of probably the most ... such as the sense of unfaithfulness -- you have like a celebrity or perhaps an actor or performer -- I believe originates from ending up in journalists and feeling like, Hey, I'd a great conversation along with you, then you definitely browse the article and it is like, Wow! Well, that isn't the position which i thought you would take. You have to sell this magazine, I realize, but, sh*t, I simply did not understand it would use that direction. So you need to become a bit jaded with press for the reason that sense. You need to just guard yourself, because who knows what individuals are likely to do. Like I stated, I previously had an enjoyable experience in interviews -- I'd be playful, I'd be sarcastic. There is however an excessive amount of room for somebody to consider things i was saying and work up, arrange it, and throw it on 'Extra.' It's insane. You need to be really strong. You need to just shut yourself on the critique sooner or later. So people keep attempting to beat me lower. I figured about this yesterday, which i seem like individuals have attempted so difficult to interrupt me ... and that i will not break. So that they just keep trying. Same with 'Friends With Kids' a calculated move? So individuals will stop considering you in by doing this? I certainly think it will help with doing other comedies. I am talking about, from dealing with Jen [Westfeldt] and Jon [Hamm] and everybody involved, Judd [Apatow] known as these phones request, "Hey, that which was she like on set? How could it have been? How was the knowledge?Inch Simply because they were built with a good knowledge about me, that triggered Judd to wish to place me in the movie. Therefore it is opened up doorways this way. I really like focusing on comedy film sets. They've been the prettiest encounters plus they are nice, kind, fun people. Therefore it is a genre I love to maintain. And also you finished filming 'The Dictator.' It's done. And it will likely be funny. I am talking about, I am not to imply my stuff, however the movie. And Sacha is excellent inside it. Same with this your future -- comedies? [Laughs] We'll see. You are able to contact Mike Ryan on Twitter. Follow Moviefone on Twitter. Photo: Getty Images

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