Wednesday, July 6, 2011

R&P: Most disappointing album of the year, so far?

The album that was hyped, that you said to yourself "man, I bet this
is going to be awesome" and when you finally got your hands on it
(figuratively speaking in a lot of cases), you couldn't believe this
is what you had waited months, possibly years for.

For me, it's Morbid Angel's Illud Divinium Insanus. When I heard that
Morbid Angel was going to do some experimental work on their latest
released I was optimistic, after all I enjoy experimental music and
was confident that the guys in MA could make an album that explored
the realms of music while still retaining that old school death metal
style that made them the Gods of the scene.

Nevermore was the first song I heard from the album, about a month or
so before the release, and to me it sounded like they were just
rehashing their old stuff. Which isn't a problem, but they did say
they were going for experimental on this album. But I remained
hopeful; "their just throwing in some old school death metal songs to
keep the OSDM fans happy, I'm sure the majority of the album is going
to be really impressive"...not so much...

Turns out experimental means doing what bands like Fear Factory and
White Zombie have already done. I'm fine with bands doing genres
outside of their own, in fact I love it. But I was hoping for
something a bit more, well, experimental. This wasn't a bad album, per
se, not in terms of the way the music sounded, just mediocre and had
it been from another band, I probably wouldn't have such a negative
reaction to it, but it this is Morbid Angel, and I really expected
more from them.

So, what album has most let you down this year?

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